Last evening, when the clock struck 7’o clock, we switched to Disney+ Hotstar to welcome our favourite gossip-peddler of the industry Karan Johar, rebooting the 7th season of Koffee With Karan.

Who could prompt a more shubh commencement of the newest season than Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, the leading faces of the industry who’ve swayed the country with their latest performances in 83 and Gangubai Kathiawadi respectively?

Spotlights on Ranveer Singh, he’s transparent like pure water and is unabashedly himself at any given time. His fireball energy gave the opening episode a lift and here are all his moments that made us utter oh classic Ranveer.

1. Ranveer’s ‘warm’ greeting to the host Karan Johar. 

KJO was right when he said that he had become one big blush. Cutes.

2. When Ranveer Singh confessed that he has a sex playlist.

Well, he has a playlist for every kind of intimacy right from sensual, loving sex to raunchy, randy, and dirty sex. He even gave a live demo of what a classical sex playlist would feel like. Things we can only anticipate from Ranveer Singh!

3. When Ranveer Singh ticked almost everything off his bingo. 

One hell of a personality!

4. When he looked more like Varun Dhawan than Varun Dhawan himself while imitating his gestures. 

Ditto. Alia Bhatt also confessed that one night she literally made Ranveer imitate all the famous celebrities and she couldn’t stop because he was SO good at it. 

5. When Ranveer literally slipped into Hrithik Roshan’s skin while mimicking him. 

Close your eyes when you listen to him, it’s 100% Hrithik. Boys and girls, Ranveer is an uncelebrated mimicry artist who deserves all the spotlight for his newly discovered talent.

6. When Ranveer revealed that he had once woken up at an unknown place.

Crazy, crazy Ranveer. 

7. When he overtly admitted having borrowed Salman Khan’s style. 

Sleeping in the vanity van just to not be super late for the shoot the next day. A hack that only Selmon bhai could offer. 

8. When he joked about casting Alia Bhatt in a non-existent film Rickshaw Wali Dilruba. 

Ranveer knows how to add his hint of humour in any given situation. Ah! We are secretly hoping Ranveer’s words to turn into reality. What a moment it’ll be!

9. When Ranveer gave Alia a flashback right at the place where it all started. 

When Karan Johar asked Alia to talk for 30 seconds nonstop about ‘My Marriage’, she began blabbering about KJO’s marriage. Genius Of The Year, ladies and gentlemen! A typical déjà vu moment. 

10. When Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor had a virtual Ram-Lakhan moment. 

Props to Arjun for calling him for a scarce network area of Leh-Ladakh which helped Ranveer earn his points. How can anyone not root for them!?

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