Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh rocked the Koffee couch in the premiere episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7. While we loved the nuanced friendship between the two ‘saakhis,’ all #Ralia friends couldn’t help but be in awe of Alia and Ranbir Kapoor’s love story.  

Alia Bhatt has legit manifested her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor on the KwK couch. And while the couple is now married, Bhatt shared a lot of cute little anecdotes about how their relationship flowered.

We’ve compiled the major highlights that the actress shared in the Koffee With Karan premiere episode as a treat for all the #Ralia lovers.


1. When Alia spoke about lovingly adapting to the gigantic Kapoor family.

We all know how huge the Kapoor family is. Apparently, they do everything together. Now, it may seem a little intimidating to someone who comes from a nuclear family, like Alia Bhatt herself. But that wasn’t the case. The actress shared how she seamlessly and lovingly adapted to the Kapoors. She even organized a ‘Diwali pooja‘ once.

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2. When we got to know that Ranbir is a full-on traditionalist, ritualistic person.

Honestly, that was a surprise. We’ve seen so many facets of the actor in a variety of roles that we didn’t really see this one coming.  

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3. Not only Alia, but Ranbir manifested their relationship as well.

And here we were thinking that it was only Alia who manifested the couple on the couch. Ranbir joked about getting married to Alia. It’s enchanting to see how what once was said as a joke can become a beautiful reality. This makes one believe in destiny. 

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4. When Alia revealed the origin of the #Ralia romance.

Not just Alia and Ranbir, but it seems like everyone around them was shipping for the duo. And as destiny would have its way, their relationship found its roots on a flight to a Brahmastra workshop and Ranbir’s seat malfunction that thankfully got fixed. Even Karan admitted, ‘Pretty much, the product of this love story is Brahmastra.’ 

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5. Ranbir’s surprise proposal sounded so dreamy.

Adorable AF? A proposal in a place that has a deep and profound connection with the couple should be the ultimate benchmark for all coming proposals in the world. And the man managed to get pictures clicked as well. CRAZY STUFF! 

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6. Ranbir actually cried in the ceremony.

Wedding moments when the couple shed happy tears are just too wholesome. Could #Ralia be any more adorable?

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7. That diamond ring. Uff!

Ranbir actually got their relationship philosophy engraved on that exquisite diamond ring that looked adorable on Alia. While Alia didn’t share what ‘MRS HIPSTER’ stands for, it surely does seem very special.

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8. When Alia delivered a monologue about her wedding day.

After a hilarious goof-up, Alia shared special moments the couple shared before their wedding. Bidding farewell to each other as boyfriend-girlfriend before heading out for a new journey does seem like the right way to go.

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As much as we loved the Ranveer-Alia equation, Alia sharing the highlights of her relationship in the KwK 7 premiere episode made it all the more special. Who knows what the Koffee brews next? But before that, who do you think will be the guests for the second episode?

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