A couple of weeks ago, music producer, Yashraj Mukhate took Kokila Ben’s dialogues and turned it into an addictive mashup, the beats of which still continue to ring in our ears. 

Literally the best mashup of 2020, so far:

Now while we still might not have clarity of the Rasode main kaun tha or the channa-gate debacle but what we do have for you is Kokila Ben enacting that iconic scene all over again. 

On popular demand, Kokila Ben was caught in action getting in character, bringing her MOJO on camera and gracefully yet assertively saying the main thi tum thi kaun tha dialogue.  

I really don’t know why I’m hearing Kokila Ben’s dialogues in the tune of the mashup, is that weird? Is it just me? 

Come on, you’ll be lying to yourself if you say that you can’t hear the dialogues in this picture: 

However, contrary to her typical vampy, sassy sass on-screen persona, Kokila Ben seemed to be quite chill and grounded in real life.

In fact, to my surprise, she was having a fun time with the person who was recording this video.

Don’t believe us? See it for yourself  in this exclusive video which is sourced from Viral Bhayani

BRB, listening to the mashup again. 

H/T: Viral Bhayani.