Panchayat is one of those rare shows which have a second season as good as the first. The second installment of the unanimously loved Amazon Prime series is currently one of the top trends across the country and one can see why.

Now, with such popularity, also comes curiosity, and out of that are born questions. One of these questions is – where was the show shot?

The internet has found the answer to this. Panchayat 2 was shot in the Mahodiya village of Sehore district in Madhya Pradesh. 

Someone even put a Google map picture of it on Twitter, circling some areas that you may have noticed on the show. Like the temple, and the bridge. 

The pictures of the village have been shared by the lead actor Jitender Kumar in the past.

The love for the show is such, that a guy reached the village of Mahodiya and made a vlog out of it.

He shows his viewers major attractions like the panchayat bhawan, and even climbs to the top of the paani ki tanki. Along with these, he visits the temple which is a very important part of the show, and also the Pradhanji’s house.

You can watch his vlog, uploaded on the channel named 9x Traveller, here.

Now that we know where the show was shot, it’s not just a place in a show.