Since iPhone 14 was launched there have been many theories about how the device is no different from iPhone 13. While the price of the two has a whopping difference, the features and design remain pretty similar.

The price of the iPhone 13 is somewhere around 60k, and for iPhone 14 it’s between 80 to 1 lakhs. A Twitter user shared an incident about iPhone 14, and it has netizens in splits.

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You may have heard of incidents when customers receive the wrong products, like a laptop getting replaced with Ghadi detergent soaps. But this one seems to be a profitable affair, as this person got an iPhone 14 when he ordered an iPhone 13. Yup here’s the proof:

This story has cracked up all netizens and they are like difference hi kya hai? And we kindaa agree with them. We have picked some hilarious responses for you, read on.

Honestly, difference kya hai?

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