Everyone loves throwback pictures, don’t they? It’s always pleasant to reminisce about the good old days through photographs. And Manoj Bajpyee did the same as he revisited his theatre days, through an old picture. 

On World Theatre Day, the Bollywood actor shared a photograph of himself performing on stage with other prominent actors of Hindi cinema. He took to Twitter to give us a glimpse of the days when he was just starting out on his career path as an actor.

Bajpayee looks almost unrecognisable in the picture, but one can clearly spot Gajraj Rao and Ashish Vidyarthi. Both actors, who are sharing the stage with Manoj Bajpyee, have established themselves as indispensable talents in the Hindi film industry.

Author Piyush Pandey also retweeted the picture, saying that if he had seen it earlier, it may have been included in Manoj Bajpayee’s biography Kuch Pane Ki Zid.

Meanwhile, a few fans took to the opportunity to praise the actor. 

Although it’s not often that we see such talented performers on screen together, this picture makes us wish for a film that features them.