Among the many things we read online, some headlines definitely catch our attention more than others. For instance, this recent report of how the police of Mathura has claimed that rats ate up more than 500 Kg of Marijuana. That does sound like quite a lot of rats with a humongous appetite for pot.

According to a report submitted by the Mathura police to a special Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (1985) court, large amounts of confiscated Marijuana that was stored in the warehouses of Sherharh and highway police stations has been gobbled up by rats! And just FYI, the huge amount of Marijuana was worth ₹60 lakhs.

After hearing this, the district judge ordered SSP Mathura Abhishek Yadav to first deal with the rodent issue and then provide evidence of this happening.

Post this, the court has issued an auction/disposal of the weed stored in police warehouses.

This reminds of all the excuses I used to tell my parents on the days I didn’t want to go to school.