A 33-year-old man in Uttar Pradesh‘s Moradabad was beaten to death by his brothers over who takes a bath first in the house. According to police reports, the incident took place on Friday and the deceased was killed by his brother with a wooden block.

man killed over who takes a bath
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The deceased, Fakir Hussain, lived with his wife and three daughters along with his five brothers in a double-storey house. The fight ensued when the daughter of the deceased was going to take a bath. According to the wife of the deceased, the daughter was asked to wait by the wife of one of the brothers. The situation turned tense when two brothers started beating the wife and his daughter.

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“They threatened to kill my husband and three daughters today. On saying this, they charged towards my husband and started beating him with a wooden block. When I pleaded mercy they hit me. Later, my husband’s brothers tried to attack my daughters who somehow managed to run out of the house and escaped with minor injuries,” Nasim Jehan, wife of Fakir Hussain, told the police.

After the murder, 30-year-old Shadab went to the police station and surrendered himself. He told the cops at the Civil Lines Police Station in Uttar Pradesh that he had killed his brother with a wooden block. The police rushed to the spot with forensic experts.

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When the police reached their house, they found blood splattered on the walls. “We have arrested Shadab and his brother Sajid, 36, while named three others as accused in the brutal murder. More arrests will be made once we complete our inquiry,” said R P Sharma, in-charge of Civil Lines station.