When it comes to birth control, there is very little discussion around the vasectomy. Which is why we thought this Reddit thread where men have shared their experiences about the procedure is so interesting and definitely worth reading through.

From sharing tips on how to take care yourself after the procedure to talking about how painful it can be, these men have shared it all. Here, take a look.

1. “I had it done on a Friday afternoon and I iced my balls until Sunday night. The nurse was gorgeous, but the whole thing is as nonsexual as you can imagine. Plus the room was freezing. She shaved my scrotum because I had not gone short enough when I did it.

My wife and I waited a week to have sex. There was no pain at all. We used condoms for twelve weeks. The surgeon needed sperm samples after six and twelve weeks. I still had slight life after the first one, and I’ve been shooting blanks ever since the second sample. Sex feels more amazing than ever. No regrets. Some doctors may refuse because you’re only 29. I will be 40 soon so there was no discussion.”


2. “I have heard (but not experienced) some women claim it just feels different to them, but it’s purely psychological. None of my partners have ever noticed a difference, nor have I.”


3. “I had mine done 2 years ago. Sexual satisfaction is way up. There’s nothing like being able to go bareback with no worries. My wife loves it too. I’ve noticed no difference in sensation or volume and the procedure was nearly painless. Can’t recommend it enough.”


4.”It felt like my balls were smashed with a hammer then ripped from my body with a rusty fish hook! No wait, that was the divorce. The vas was nothing really, mildly uncomfortable for a few days after, which aspirin can handle easily enough.”


5. “Do your own shaving. I got a Valium in the waiting room, fell asleep. Nurse said great job shaving your balls. Doc asked if I want to watch through a mirror. NO. I had a no needle, no scalpel vas. I felt a little tugging for a second that was uncomfortable but that was it. I was fine the next day. I have known guys who did not go to a specialist. DON’T DO THAT. Ask around about a good doctor.”


6. “They told me I did a terrible job shaving and invited a nurse in to shave me. It was pretty funny, she was demonstrating proper ball shaving technique while me, my partner, and the woman performing the vasectomy all watched and provided commentary.
It was like a class, but featuring my balls. Also I was loaded on Valium and Xanax so that made things easier. I’m still terrible at shaving my balls unfortunately. In my case they used a needle to numb me up, scalpel to slice me open, and of course they cauterized as well so there was that burnt flesh smell. The pain wasn’t bad, I spent the next few days hanging out on the couch with some minor aching and was totally fine after that.”


7. “The vasectomy wasn’t painful at all. It was gnarly…I could smell myself cooking when he cauterized the ends…but not painful.

However, there are things that can happen afterwards that you have no control over and there’s nothing they can do. My balls ached for a fucking YEAR. Nothing terrible, but it always felt like I got kicked in the nuts about 2 hours ago. Had to be careful during sex because if they smacked something too hard it felt like I’m getting punched there. They’re STILL more sensitive than they were beforehand, but not nearly so bad.”


8. “I’ve had dentist visits more painful. Felt like somebody snapped a rubber band on the base of my dick. I was kind of surprised, the process is more on the base than your actual scrotum. The doctor also asked me to clear his conscience with me being so young.

The numbing wears off kind of quick. Couple hours. Then you will be waddling around like a duck for 5-7 days. That’s the worst part.”


9. “Your nerves are worse than the procedure. Ice packs and frozen peas are VERY helpful. Also had a reversal and that has a much longer recovery time.”

10. “Walked in, took a Valium. The doctor walked in after about 10 minutes and asked if I was absolutely sure, I said yes, he got to work. Numbed up the area. Made two super small incisions, kind of around the top of the sack and near the base of my penis and cut both sides. One didn’t hurt at all, but I was able to feel a slight tug with the other, that was about it.

A friend of mine drove me home and we stopped at the the store to do a bit of grocery shopping while still feeling the effects of the Valium. Overall it was an okay experience. I had to take it easy with the squats for a few weeks.”


11. “It wasn’t too bad, I didn’t really feel anything through the anesthetic. The recovery period was around 3 days, I got it done on Friday and was back to work on Monday. I was in bed watching TV and playing games all weekend. It was slightly uncomfortable at times but nothing awful or unbearable. I’m sure pain tolerance has a lot to do with the recovery period.”


12. “Couldn’t have been easier. The only pain that I felt was during the numbing injections and the ache afterward. Have a packet of frozen peas handy to cool down your gonads and don’t do any heavy lifting for a couple of days.

It was a piece of cake and the best thing I ever did. My wife and I decided from the get go that we didn’t want kids and this was the safest and most permanent route.”


13. “During the operation, I was told it was going to be uncomfortable and one side is more sensitive than the other. The first just felt as though someone was tugging at my balls and then a little pin prick.
Second side however was not, it was as though someone drove a truck straight into my nut sack and reversed just to do it again another 2 times. It fucking killed! Once it was over, they felt normal and off I went back home to rest. The initial pain subsides quite quickly.”


14. “Got mine at 27 (I’m 31 now). It was a great decision. The woman working the desk asked me if I was nervous. I misunderstood that as a last minute, ‘Do you want to change your mind?’ and said ‘No, not at all’, only to realize later that she was offering me Valium.

The doctor took me into a room, gave me the local anesthetic, then cracked jokes during the entire procedure while I tried not to laugh too hard (I was terrified I’d move and disrupt the procedure). He used the excuse that he was Jewish, so he was allowed to be a comedian. Then he told me there’d be a burning smell, and that it was my balls becoming useless. More stifled laughter.

Afterwards, I went home wearing a jockstrap to keep everything in place, and spent a week on the couch playing video games, and witnessing my junk turn many different colors I wasn’t used to.

Once it had been long enough according to the Doc’s advice, I (ahem) cleared the pipes, which was an odd pink hue, which was normal, according to him.”


Would you consider getting a vasectomy?