They say that the way to someone’s heart goes through their stomach. Perhaps Modern Love Mumbai picked up this very idea from everyday life and infused it into each episode while exploring different shades of love.

This six-episode anthology may have told different stories, but they were all connected by love and, of course, food. Isn’t food, after all, a love language?

1. When Lalzari’s husband left her, she discovered her knack for making Raatrani or Kashmiri kahwa, and she found a reason to fall in love with herself.

Food, after all, has always evoked self-love. Hasn’t it? 

2. When Manzu’s baai used food as a metaphor to explain to him the most essential ingredient of life. That is, love.

It beautifully aligns with Rajveer’s thoughts as we hear him talking to Manzu’s mother. He too believes that the secret ingredient in every delicious food is love.

3. When Sui, through food, expressed her overbearing love for his son.

She gave him dabbas of food on his way to the bank and was heartbroken when he refused to take them.

Ming too attempts to persuade his mother that he wants to show his love for his girlfriend by cooking for her.

In the end, Sui also expressed her acceptance of Ming’s girlfriend Megha by sending a dabba which had Megha’s favorite dish.

4. Although Dilbar was conflicted after Kunal confessed his feelings for her. However, she attempted to face the situation and repair her bond with Kunal. What could be better than a chat over a cup of tea?

5. Saiba and Parth had finally expressed what they felt for each other. Given their closeness, things were bound to turn slightly awkward. But why not start a beautiful relationship with a cup of tea?

6. Cutting Chai from Modern Love Mumbai definitely gave the perfect pick-up line for all chai lovers!  Who could possibly say no after this?

Made our hearts (and stomachs) full!

All screenshots are from Amazon Prime Video.