Amidst the pool of narratives swimming through love, how can another addition be any different? Perhaps it can if it travels through stories that are raw and real instead of overblowing the idea of love. 

Amazon Prime Video‘s latest anthology Modern Love Mumbai championed precisely that. 

Out of the many shows mounted around LGBTQ characters, Modern Love Mumbai‘s episode Baai stood out as it delivered ‘more’ in less time. 

Typically, we see parents who are either allies to their queer kids or who subscribe to the log-kya-kahenge mindset and shun them.

Nonetheless, from disregarding her son’s sexuality to becoming best friends with even his partner, this mother from the Pratik Gandhi and Ranveer Brar starred episode set an example for others.

In a heartwarming scene, Manzu’s mother essayed by Manasi Joshi Roy was cooking with her son’s partner Rajveer (played by chef-turned-actor Ranveer Brar) while having a conversation that’s touching and so rare that we don’t usually witness on screen.

Manzu’s (Pratik Gandhi) mother regrets keeping him in shackles for so long and now wants him to break free and have a life where he can truly live freely.

What was different here was Rajveer comforting Manzu’s mother by defending her point of view while she lamented her past decisions.

Her epiphany led her to a conclusion that is there right in front of us but that we fail to acknowledge. Isn’t it true that sabotaging love breeds hatred?

Never before have we witnessed such a bond so wholesome between a mother and her son’s partner as portrayed in Baai. It debunks the notion of Indian parents who, till the end of time, never attempt to understand their children.

This is exactly the kind of relationship we crave to see more of in mainstream movies and shows. We’re grateful to Baai for accommodating a bond so pure in merely 40 mins.