Spoilers ahead: The article contains spoilers from the final season of the show.

The final season of Money Heist is finally out and it does not fail to thrill and keep its audience hooked. Being the finale, it’s full of twists and emotions.

It delivers an adrenaline rush to the viewers and there are some scenes and moments that will give you goosebumps.

1. When Rio feels Tokyo around him soon after she was shot dead.

2. When Alicia Sierra and the Professor point their guns at each other in rain.

3. When Raquel releases a video asking forgiveness from the people of Spain and urges them to go back home…

… but the ‘red tide’ echoes in unison that they won’t leave.

4. When the Professor and Alicia hide in a sofa set to escape the Police.

5. When the gold grains finally reach the stormwater tank and start flowing from the pipe.

6. When the last bit of gold is extracted and the entire gang celebrates to the tune of ‘Bella Ciao’.

7. When Berlin gets arrested for vandalism after Tatiana cheated on her with his son.

8. When the Professor, Marseille, Benjamin, Alicia and the entire group at the stormwater tank surrenders to the Police.

9. When Tatiana and Berlin’s son manage to steal all the gold from the Professor in disguise of the police.

10. When the entire gang is captured by the Police.

11. When the Professor enters the bank.

12. When Sergio (the Professor) witnessed his father’s death outside a bank.

Have you watched it yet?