A good piece of garment is more than just an attire you show up to places in. It is a means of communication. Here are some of the most expensive dresses and gowns worn by celebs and the prices are truly mind-blowing. Read on

1. Audrey Hepburn’s black Givenchy dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – $807,000.

This one goes straight to the top of the list because of its cost and well, status. Almost as popular as Hepburn (which is insane), one copy of the garment was auctioned years after it was worn and the money was used for efforts to eradicate poverty in India.


2. Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from The Seven Year Itch – $4.6 million.

Though speaking of ‘status’, we may have a tie. Marilyn Monroe’s white dress is still wildly popular and it seems as though it’s only becoming more relevant with time. The image of Monroe trying to hold the dress down as it flies in the air is among the most discussed ones of this century, which contributed to the fact that the garment, designed by  William Travilla, was auctioned for this insane price.

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3. Jennifer Lawrence’s 2013 Academy Award Dress – $4 million.

Jennifer Lawrence graced the Oscar red carpet in a $4 million blush pink dress which proved to be lucky for her as she took the Best Actress trophy home for Silver Linings Playbook. The garment was by Dior.


4. Nicole Kidman’s golden John Galliano gown – $2 million.

The first actor to wear a true couture dress to the Oscar red carpet, Nicole Kidman sort of immortalised the gown made by John Galliano in 1997. It remains one of her best-remembered looks to date.

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5. Paris Hilton’s ‘million-dollar’ dress by August Getty – $270,000.

Hilton wore this dress to accept the Fragrance of The Year Award at the Hollywood Beauty Awards in 2017. The dress was made with 500,000 crystals, making it one of the most iconic garments ever worn by a celebrity.


6. Audrey Hepburn’s dress for 1954 Oscar Awards – $131,292.

Another Hepburn classic, this Givenchy gown is etched in every fashion lover’s mind. This was the first time the actor wore Givenchy for a public appearance and the rest is history.

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7. Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday dress – $1.3 million.

Designed by Jean-Louis Berthaulto, Monroe wore this to John F. Kennedy’s birthday party where she sang for him. The pink sequin gown is one of her most historic looks.

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8. Light blue dress, worn by Princess Diana at the Cannes Film Festival – $110,000.

Princess Diana, a fashion icon in her own right, wore this light blue gown made by Catherine Walker at the Cannes film festival, 1987, at 26 years of age. The garment became instantly became the talk of the town and was sold for $110,000 at an auction in 2011. 


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