If you’re a 90s kid, then you probably grew up watching a lot of Shaktimaan. It remains one of the main factors why most 90s kids look back fondly at their childhood. In fact, actor Mukesh Khanna, who played the iconic superhero, has quite the opinion about the character. In a recent interview, Khanna has has even said that Shaktimaan is just as powerful, if not more, than the Avengers.


In the interview, the actor said that since Shaktimaan has been created from all five elements of the universe, he can pretty much do everything. Which, by the way is definitely giving power-of-infinity-stones vibes. 


And Khanna also talked about how the superhero will now be seen and recognized on a global scale, since Sony Pictures India is all set to make a trilogy based on Shaktimaan. The actor went on to say that his powers can easily be equated to those of Iron Man, Spider-Man and Superman!

If you compare Shaktimaan with the powers of any superhero, maybe an Iron Man, maybe a Spider-man, maybe a Superman, Shaktimaan can do everything.

-Mukesh Khanna told Brut


Here’s how some people responded to this opinion of Khanna’s.


Well, we cannot wait to see how the trilogies turn out, after all, he is our childhood hero.