The Mumbai Police account on social media is without a doubt one of the most entertaining, hands down!  Simply said, they are adept at making the most of their content and evoking chuckles. They have already created a number of memes, and this time the renowned Sima aunty from Mumbai served as the source.

Mumbai Police’s most recent recommendation to the public was to refrain from using your partner’s name as your password on any platform in an effort to raise awareness about cyber security.

The (un)famous Sima Taparia from the Netflix sensation Indian Matchmaking was referenced by them in the most recent Instagram post .

Instagram users think Mumbai police hit the mark with their wit once again, much like they often do.


The warning is appropriate because, despite the fact that a strong password is crucial to the security of personal data, Indians haven’t been very inventive in this area.

According to NordPass report, the most popular password combination in India is “password”. More than 1.7 lakh people use the same password, which is 12345. In India, 12345 is used by over 1.10 lakh people.