Ever since Munawar Faruqui released the video about ‘leaving’ comedy, he’s been sharing small Instagram reels from his latest stand-up act. 

Now, he’s released a new stand-up video titled Ghost Story, and this is one spooky story that’ll leave you laughing out loud, for real. 

As the title suggests, Faruqui talks about a ghost story from his childhood, because did you even have a desi childhood, if there wasn’t a local ghost haunting a building? 

Anyway, in Faruqui’s case, the churail aka the ghost lived on the same land as his school. While for the most part kids and adults alike left the haunted area alone, Munawar and his friends got inspired by their ‘badass’ rickshaw driver/cricket coach and decided to hunt for the churail. What followed was a story that’s not just spooky but also, seriously funny. 

You can watch the complete video here: 

All images are screenshots from the video on YouTube.