So, it’s that time of the year again, where we make resolutions and watch them break in a day or two. But, sometimes, some resolutions do stick. 

And the one resolution that we really, truly, want to see come true this year, is no more reboots, remakes, or remixes. 


For the past decade, we’ve seen hundreds of songs remixed to auto-tunes and more than a handful of movies and shows have made a comeback in the form of a remake and/or reboot. 


But how many of them have been any good, really? Let’s be honest, in most of the cases, the revamped versions have left us reminiscing the magic of the original.  


I mean when Simba lost Mufasa, I hardly cried. (Of course, I cried a little. I am not a monster. And I am forever emotional) .

India Today

It’s only the first week of the year, and there is already a reboot lined up for the Friday release – The Grudge. And just FYI, it is a reboot of a remake. Yes, it’s the reboot of the 2004 American remake of the original Japanese horror. ‘Lost in translation’, indeed! 

Cinema Blend

The Grudge isn’t the only one. Ever since Disney TV arrived, it has regularly been rebooting old shows that we grew up watching as kids. But does Home Alone really need another revamp


Can’t we just let Kevin have a good Christmas, with his family, for once!

And frankly, we’d rather live with the memory of our childhood favorites, than see a revamped, corrupted version.  

I mean where does it stop? After they’ve made a reboot of Powerpuff Girls, or worse, remade Malgudi Days for the current generation?


And let’s not even get started on the remixes. Be it folk music, Punjabi singles, or old Hindi songs, everything is being remixed to an inch of its life. 


From the deluge of remixes, it is difficult to pick even a handful of songs that managed to do justice to the original. 

We’re not saying there are no more original movies being made. We’re just saying, we’re tired of the live-action remakes and modern-day reboots. Especially when they fail to improve upon the original. So let’s just end the remake trend, once and for all.