We’ve all heard of (or seen) weird workplace policies and rules. Some, a little less strange and a little more offensive. For instance, Pakistan International Airlines recently released a bulletin where they instructed their cabin crew to wear “proper undergarments,” because it portrays a negative image of the organization.

Pakistan International Airlines

So, as you can imagine, this very strange instruction has stirred up people’s curiosity and to a certain extent, agitation.

Though, PIA did respond to the backlash by saying that they regret the decision and that the words in their bulletin were poorly chosen.

“Despite the fact that the spirit behind the advisory was to ensure proper dress code, however, the standard bulletin, inadvertently, came out with an inappropriate selection of words… I personally feel regretful and am fully convinced that the words could have been more civilized and appropriate in this context instead of words published, which, unfortunately, are being trolled and twisted towards the defamation of the company” 

– PIA’s Chief HR Officer

Pakistan International Airlines

And people have responded to the instructions with questions about how the company even knows whether their employees are wearing improper undergarments?

This is the much worse version of telling women that their bra straps are showing.