There are very actors who make their way to people’s hearts as much through their personalities as they do with their acting capabilities. Pankaj Tripathi is one of those actors. He is painfully humble and profound and those are two qualities that we love to witness. Here are 8 instances when he was so down-to-earth and sensible, it hurt.

1. When he decided to make litti-chokha in his village, reminding people how important it is to always stay connected to their roots.

The video started doing the rounds on the internet a few days ago and soon went viral as people could not stop admiring the humility of Pankaj. 

2. When he showed us that cooking can teach you a lot of life lessons. Most important of them all: patience. 

Here’s him explaining this in the gentlest way possible. 

3. When he received a standing ovation for winning the best supporting actor at IIFA awards and this was his response after the ceremony. 

Media asked Pankaj what he thinks of his brand image and this is what he said.

Here is the video of him receiving an overwhelming reaction from everyone in the audience. We must mention that no other actor received so much love from the fans at the event.

4. What happened at IIFA soon became a discussion and people started asking him about it during interviews. This was his reaction to the whole thing, humble as ever.

5. They are contemporaries, but Pankaj had no qualms in accepting that Manoj Bajpayee is like a guru to him and once, when he was at the same hotel as the Family Man actor, he kept his slippers as a token through which he could remember his idol. 

Pankaj became very emotional narrating the story and compared himself to Eklavya.

6. He likes to keep things real but carries no bitterness in his heart. So, when asked about people who humiliated him at the start of his career, Pankaj says that he was hurt and angry, but let it go. 

7. Now, we all know how articulate Pankaj is and we love that about him. He found a way to be humble about that too. 

Talking about his conversation skills in an interview with Zakir Khan, he took this dig at himself.

8. When he noted that there is no shame in being told that he “cries like a woman”. “I am definitely a woman”, he says.

What a gem.