Parle G, one of the most iconic and nostalgic biscuits of all time, is still a common household item. With the right amounts of crunch and sweet taste, most desis still savour this delicious biscuit with a cup of hot tea.

However, we just learned that these OG biscuits come in different flavours!

Parle G
Credits: Hi5Mart

A social media user, who goes with the username @hojevlo, shared a picture of the biscuits packed with oats and berries on their social media account. The picture had the same brand logo and the iconic picture of the little girl.

Parle G
Credits: Twitter

Needless to mention, desis couldn’t ‘digest’ this information. While some pointed out that the flavour was launched some time back, others were in utter shock at its existence. And well, come were as confused about this information, as we are.

Take a look:

Ugh, now we are having a craving for these biscuits!