There’s no doubt that we all have seen that one movie that scarred us – to the core. And, in a thread, people share the name of the desi movies that left them traumatized. 

Let’s take a look, shall we?

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1. “Sangharsh. I wasn’t allowed to watch the movie as a kid, but the promos on television of Ashutosh Rana yelling at Preity Zinta were traumatizing enough. I saw the movie later on and yes, it was scary AF.” -Southern_Cap7762

2. “Tumbadd was pretty unsettling.” -ProperPenguinn

3. “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.” -No_Restaurant3195

4. “Sadma – climax scene. Kamal Hassan dances like a monkey to get Sridevi to remember him. And, she throws him a food packet thinking he’s a beggar. Man, that was so heartbreaking.” -lord_horn_asstr

5. “Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon.” -purplelettuce73

6. “Ghajini.” -Capable-Ad8558

7. “Makdi.” -sushiuchil

8. “The House Of Horrors (Burari) scared the absolute shit out of me! I couldn’t look up at the ceiling for days because I kept picturing those 10 dupattas hanging from their ceiling. It was so scary.” -Aishvaryaa

9. “Lajja. I couldn’t sleep for days after watching and then when I read that Rekha’s part was based on a real story – I couldn’t stop weeping. At the same time, it made me recognize the strength of standing up to things and rejecting patriarchy.” -closetpoet

10. “Ta Ra Rum Pum because we were pretty broke at the time and watching them struggle hit too close to home. The scene where he ate glass because he was digging for food in the trash haunted me.” –phosphoenolpiirate

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11. “Vaastu Shastra. Legit scrarred the shit out of me.” -Sociallyawkwardpro

12. “Tamasha. I left my job and still have to answer in interviews why I took a break.” –NecessaryArgument747

13. “Slumdog Millionaire. I was traumatized by the way they pour oil into kids’ eyes to make them blind on purpose and kidnap girls for prostitution. I can never watch that movie again but it is one of the best movies I have ever watched.” -Historical_Love7860

14. “This is embarrassing, but 36 China Town – that scene where they pull her bracelet and her whole hand comes out was terrifying.” -matchbox244

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15. “New York! I’m a Muslim so the little me was extra scared when I saw what John Abraham went through. I still won’t be able to watch that movie again.” -complex42

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