With a runtime of 3 hours and 21 minutes, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal was one of the longest Indian movies. One of the major reasons for this is the unnecessary amount of sub-plots that the director had merged into the main plot. Some of these plots could have been absolutely chucked out without causing any change to the story. With these many plots in tow, it became difficult to join all the loose threads cohesively and it was visible in the bad storytelling that followed.

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Recently, we found a Reddit thread where people who have watched Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal talked about the unnecessary scenes in the movie. Turns out, people answered honestly and they didn’t hold back. Read on below.

1. “That underwear scene. I think that was totally unnecessary from the story’s point of view. What alpha do you become by wearing another a stranger’s underwear? And the people cheering when he wears that before the fight.” – sucidialsex

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2. “Was the church scene really required because they showed they were doing pooja? The family is shown as Hindu in the movie. No one would have questioned not showing a church. It’s not wrong to show it if the movie was, let’s say, 2 hours and 15 minutes long. But in a movie that is 3.5 hours long, you can’t keep adding scenes at convenience.” – GokuSonWukong

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3. “The Tripti Dimri plot was the weakest link. It ruined Vijay’s character and the movie took a very bad turn post that. It could have been easily avoided. Vanga tests people’s morals unnecessarily. Hoping no young adult gets fascinated with adultery.” – StandDue3958

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4. “The entire heart transplant arc stretched too long. Tripti Dimri arc. Hookers. Arms dealer scene.” – TimeyWimeyInsaan

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5. “In a country where rape is so prevalent and media literacy is so low, that rape scene was not needed. Bruh…at a wedding in public.” – KnightCastle171

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6. “Thought Geeta and Vijay’s opening montage at the start of the film (the engagement, school song) could’ve been trimmed out.” – thekmist

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7. “Men carrying guns posed as background singers, while Ranbir fights a whole army single-handedly, absolutely stupid.” – Suitable_Ad_7721

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8. “The scene on the stairs where he was grabbing Rashmika could have been avoided. Very uncomfortable to watch.” – ispooderman

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9. “That entire scene where Ranbir is apologizing to Rashmika for cheating.” – Weary_Horse5749

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10. “All those toxic or problematic scenes in the second half of the movie felt like it was forcefully added just to satisfy the ego of the director and to piss off critics and feminists, rather than adding any value to the movie.” – Emotional_Kiwi_3129

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11. “The thing is that the entire character of Zoya could have been plucked out from the movie and still there could have been that post-credit scene. But I guess Vanga wasn’t smart enough or just wanted to have his own Wattpad fantasy stories in the second half.” – NJ_2707

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12. “The entire movie was unnecessary. No context, no story-building, no logic, just senseless violence! And what were those random jump cuts to unrelated scenes!!?? What a wasted opportunity! This same plot could have been turned into a nice movie but this was so horrible!” – ItsMeP5

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If we go on to list the things Animal could have done right, the list would simply be endless.