If you are someone who has given up on watching Bollywood films, read on. Because many people like you have stopped watching Bollywood films, and guess what? They have valid reasons for it.

Until we wait to watch some good cinema on our screens, people online have some reasons why you should not watch Bollywood films!

1. “Always one main character – Most Bollywood movies have a single star cast, no multi-star cast like Hollywood. This is the reason why Bollywood has no good stories.”

Yuvraj Singh Nirban

2. “Message – What sort of messages do these films give to the youth? DDLJ alone was enough to normalize harassment of women in the name of “love”. What message are Bollywood movies giving to the youth of today?  That it is ok to objectify women through item numbers? Swearing is acceptable and cool? That only fair-skinned, toned bodies are beautiful? Bollywood has subtly and overtly given all sorts of wrong messages to society.”

 Varsha Sathish Kumar

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3. “I stopped watching Bollywood because I don’t want to lose brain cells. I am a teen living in the USA and growing up I used to watch Bollywood movies with my family and some things didn’t make sense. Why is there a song after every scene? Seriously, it’s so annoying. Sometimes the song doesn’t even add up like the girl wakes up from a coma and starts dancing. Huh?”

 Ash Lynx

4. “Whitewashing one’s image and furthering one’s own propaganda. Can’t tell you how annoyed I was when I saw Sanju, because he’s using the film to make himself look more innocent than ever before. Creating and showing Thackeray too was a good strategy to bag votes for the Vidhan Sabha in 2019.”

Tejas Sawant

5. “I stopped watching because they make some crap movies. Indian media focus only on Bollywood celebrities. They follow the same film concept, hero, heroine and villain and same crap love and comedy movies.”

 Kunal Thanki 

6. “Regional movies are coming out with very good out-of-the-box movies which are more enriching. The Malayalam industry has come with some excellent movies even in Covid times. They are very innovative and creative.”

Chitra Shankar

7. “I have completely stopped following Bollywood. Don’t even watch trailers nowadays. Bollywood is all glitter and no gold when you can watch and understand movies made in the South. Even the song and dance routine, one of the essential tropes of Indian cinema, has become a remix-filled junkyard in Bollywood.”

 Nikhil Madathil 

8. “I got introduced to Bollywood very late. At first, I watched Aamir Khan’s movies and really liked them. Then I started watching some other famous movies and frankly I couldn’t relate to the characters in the movie. They were just too rich. Ridiculously expensive weddings, foreign vacations. I know they have to do some of that to justify the songs and dance numbers they put out in the movie but they don’t compliment the movie either, just take you out of it.”


9. “Watched a movie (don’t remember the name), it was such a bad movie with high potential, but they really overworked with the dramatic effects.”


10. “No musical creativity, constant remixing of popular songs of older hit songs. Every single movie has songs that are remixed badly. The remixes are of older hit songs. Alternatively, they are purchased outright from foreign rap artists. The Punjabi songs being remixed are irritating to the ears.”

 Kanthaswamy Balasubramaniam 

11. “Enough! Housefull was good. It was a remake of the hit film Kathala Kathala. Then Housefull 2 was Ok. It was a remake of Banda Paramasivam. From then on it hit rock bottom and the franchise keeps on coming up with one movie after another.”


12. “So many now have access to more international content which drives them away from the usual Bollywood masala entertainers. Even regional films from the South also take guard and represent the nation internationally, which again works against Bollywood. In simple words, lack of good movies and audience interest made people stop watching Bollywood Movies.”

John Oldman

What made you stop watching Bollywood films? 

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