Let’s be honest, we all have seen toxic behaviour at our respective workplaces. Working in a toxic environment not just reduces our productivity but also holds us back from achieving our goals. 

Here are a number of people who, in a thread, revealed the specific workplace behaviour that’s just intolerable. The responses are quite interesting, keep reading!

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1. “Martyrdom. “I worked until 8 pm last night, unpaid”. What staff like this are doing is the reason teachers are underpaid and overstretched.” –mycatshavehumannames

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2. “Used to work in education and a co-worker would brag about how she never took a sick day even while sick. Thank god, I got out of that mess.” –calgon90

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3. “Someone who thinks they’re a manager when they’re not. For example, the person who was just hired after me, tried to shake me down about my break schedule.” –PrismaticWatermelon

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4. “Saying mean things about co-workers when they’re not around, and then, being nice to them when they are.” –neuro_illogical

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5. “My former boss would make sure to mention that she had worked until 11 pm every day at meetings or she worked during a holiday. And, she expected other managers to do the same.” –Time-Boss-3867

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6. “Micromanaging.” –drunkenknitter

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7. “Taking credit for others’ work or blaming their poor work on others. I mean, we can see the tags on the file and know it was you who did it or not.” –janeofthedarkraven

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8. “Sexual harassment.” –adreamthatdreams

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9. “Inability to follow directions or accept constructive criticism. It’s vital to the work that I do.” –gagirlpnw

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10. “Casual racism or misogynism.” –kristinabry04

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11. “Favoritism.” –brownsugga05

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12. “Managers not communicating clearly and then getting angry that you didn’t do exactly what they wanted when they didn’t tell you what they wanted in the first place.” –Sage–Fox

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13. “I feel like private information should, if at all, be volunteered and it’s inappropriate to ask. I had my first child younger than is typical for my culture and random co-workers I met that day asked me if he was planned. Get a grip, we’re not hanging out, we‘re working together.” –abv1401

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14. “The ‘better than you’ attitude because they work in a ‘better’ department. Drives me nuts!” –Barnacle98

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15. “I hate the social pressure to go to office parties/happy hours. I came to work and not spend money and socialize.” –ggpopart

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Face, meet palm.