It’s always fascinating to get a peek into the lives of the wealthy. That’s probably why shows such as Succession and The Fall of The House of Usher were so intriguing. Well, this Reddit thread where people who’ve allegedly worked for the wealthy in Mumbai have shared what they’ve seen has a similar vibe, except it’s much closer to home. Again, take these with a pinch of salt.

Here, take a look at what people have said:

1. “Someone I know bought a BMW 7 series. The next day his nephew goes for a spin and says ‘I love this car, it’s so cool.’ This guy (his uncle) says ‘Okay Keep it.'”


2. “One of my friend’s dad was a chef at Taj, Oberoi and such hotels’ restaurants. He used to say that lots of celebrities were completely different from their public image. One such guy was Mithun Chakraborty. Once he went to his suite to serve him a special dish, some hooker opened the door, and Mithun was running around naked behind some other hookers, who were also naked. The one that opened the door just took the trolley and closed the door behind her.”


3. “Someone I know used to work for a rich industrialist. Their family owned some cows from Switzerland, which were kept in air-conditioned rooms (barns?) 24/7, but the staff who milked the cows were hosted in non-AC quarters.”


4. “Know someone who’s a member of the ‘Thousand+ crore club’ and drives a good ol’ Honda City. Most bizarre shit I’ve seen.”


5. “I know a founder whose company is listed on BSE, and he has a network worth hundreds of crores. Owns a lot of real estate plus has been investing in the market for 30-plus years.

The dude used to live in some 100-year-old building with his grandfather till 2020. Drives a very old car. But he’s an amazing person. He owns factories in certain areas of rural Maharashtra (I forget where exactly) – and treats his workers very well. Oh also – he avoids air travel. Prefers trains. By far the most interesting person I’ve talked to.”


6. “A friend who works at a 5-star accommodation in Goa once told me that Nita Ambani hurriedly entered the hotel with her entourage. The presidential suite was hastily opened up, and she took a dump and left. She was at some film function in Goa and got the presidential suite just to take a dump.”


7. “I have seen fake sunlight light installed in a toilet. It costs about 6 lakhs to get, which was chillar for them.”


8. “Sandaas mein AC.”


9. “I work as an office assistant, our chairman is a 500 crore person and I go to his house quite a lot to deliver medicine or escort the repair people. All rich people have a load of curtains and pillows in their living rooms. The family members don’t speak to each other very often. Women of the household shop frequently. Kaam wali bai chor hoti hai.”


10. “I was a part of the construction of a new house for one of Mumbai’s top real estate tycoons. Designed by one of the world’s most famous architects. Beachfront house in Juhu for a family of 5. Ground plus 5 floors. First for formal entertainment, second for family entertainment and dining, third for his mother, fourth for the kids and wife’s ‘Studio,’ and fifth for their main bedroom, closet and bathroom. Their bathroom itself was bigger than most average flats in Mumbai. It had 2 separate showers, 2 separate WC cubicles, and 2 dressing tables. The whole house had 4 lifts, a gym, 3 swimming pools, and a climbing wall for the kids. There was so much other random rich stuff that I can’t remember. Insanity.”


11. “I know a client who has a penthouse in Dadar, near Shivaji Park. The balcony has a beautiful view of Sealink. I think his net worth is more than 1k Cr. Drives an SX4 and a Royal Enfield Thunderbird. If you meet him he talks like a normal Mumbaikar, and likes to drink rum with fried fish while sitting casually on Mumbai beaches.”


12. “I went to a school where very rich folks’ kids studied, won’t say which school, but a famous ICSE board school. Most kid’s parents didn’t even stay in the country, once I saw someone’s proxy uncle or something show up to a PTA meeting, and most of the time, drivers dropped off and picked up the kids from school. These parents never showed up. These kids looked sad AF. Most of their parents had had divorces or something, broken families.”


At the end of the day, even the most privileged people have their own battles to fight. Yes, money makes things a lot smoother, but it can’t solve everything and it definitely doesn’t make someone’s life perfect.