West may think they’ve invented roast comedy but let’s be honest, no one insults like desis do – especially when it comes to insulting family members. 

Don’t believe me, just watch Priyanka Chopra roasting her husband, singer Nick Jonas and his brothers, Joe and Kevin Jonas, as part of Netflix’s Jonas Brothers Family Roast. 

Jonas Brothers Family Roast follows the famous, or in the case of India, the infamous format of roast comedy, and released on Netflix. 

And among the slew of family and friends who turned up to roast the Jonas brothers, was our desi girl and Nick’s wife, Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka shared a small clip from the roast on her Instagram, and in just a one-minute video, she drops burns sicker than Jonas Brothers’ music beats. As a lifelong Jonas Brothers fan, trust me, I know what I am saying. 

From addressing the age gap between the two, to dropping truth bombs about their careers (acting, not singing, of course), Priyanka is on fire – and let’s just say, it’s her most fun Hollywood outing so far! 

You can watch the clipping here: 

People may have been concerned over why Priyanka dropped Jonas from her name on her Instagram handle, but looking at this roast, the Nick and Priyanka are as solid as her jokes – after all, studies do say couples who make fun of each other, stay together longer.

All images are screenshots from the video on Instagram. The roast is currently streaming on Netflix.