Ever since he’s been in the public eye, Elon Musk has made a lot of promises. Unfortunately, most of them he hasn’t come through on. With him acquiring Twitter and declaring his noble intention of championing free speech, we take a look at 9 times he’s not been held accountable for his words. 

1. Elon Musk promised to launch Tesla in India by 2020. 

Thankfully, he has not. We have enough accidents on the road as it is without having driverless vehicles running over people. On a serious note though, this one is not entirely on Musk. There are already a lot of roadblocks in a country like India, which Musk should have known about before setting deadlines he could never meet. 

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2. In 2017, Musk claimed that by 2019, the world would have cars that can drive itself while the passenger sleeps.

Well, he’s kinda done that but like we mentioned in the point above, people have been run over by Tesla vehicles. The National Transportation Safety Board of the USA mandated that Tesla’s autopilot feature must be monitored by the driver at all times. 


3. In 2014, Musk who co-founded OpenAI and then resigned from it had ranted about AI killing humans within five years.

It’s 2022, meaning 8 years have passed without Skynet wiping humans off the face of the Earth. Where’s my T-800, Elon? Where? Musk is a fan of science fiction and that is the closest to science he’s ever gonna get. 


4. In 2017, Musk told The Wall Street Journal about the launch of Neuralink, a company that aimed to merge computers with human brains making them capable of treating brain injuries. He had claimed that the technology would be ready by 2021. 

Not that I am eager to have the bratty man-child with a tantrum inside our heads but it’s 2022, Elon. Stick to your deadlines, man. Sure, there has been some progress in that department but knowing that Musk bought an entire ecosystem of information just so people won’t share pictures of his actual hairlines, I must say, we are a bit sceptical. 

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5. In 2018, Musk promised to help Flint residents out by paying to fix the water in any home with lead contamination above EPA action levels. 

To be honest, he’s donated a few hundred thousand dollars, which, in our world would be equivalent of letting your neighbour borrow some salt from your house. Seriously though, what Musk essentially did was just donate water filters to just 12 schools!


6. In February 2017, Musk promised to put two humans in space in 2018. 

Everybody and their mother were like, ‘Whoo-hoo, we are gonna go to space’. But nobody, let alone their mothers, or any sentient being has made it to space in something Musk paid for or designed. Buddy boy, it’s 2022 and even Jeff Bezos has been to space before you sent people to space. That’s just pathetic. 


7. Elon Musk has time and again howled from the top of his lungs about being the bastion of free speech. 

According to Power Play: Tesla, Elon Musk, and the Bet of the Century, by The Wall Street Journal‘s Tim Higgins, Musk has a habit of rage firing people who disagree with him. That’s not it. After a New York Times article about Tesla didn’t mention Musk, the billionaire, in no uncertain terms, told them: 

I was incredibly insulted and embarrassed by the NY Times article…If anything like this happens again, please consider [your] relationship with Tesla to end immediately upon publication of such a piece.

8. Elon Musk has often spoken about how inclusive his company is, even tweeting stuff like this: 

And then he just goes on to somehow being more transphobic than the Queen of Tory TERFS, J.K Rowling. During the early days of the Ukraine war, he tweeted this meme. How he found that funny, we’ll never know. Actually, he’s been tweeting a lot of far-right incel stuff these days, so maybe, he just picked it up from one of those frat boy groups, he was never allowed in as a kid. 

9. Remember that time he basically promised COVID wasn’t that big a deal? 

So that was a f***ing lie. 

Musk is a big baby and you guys need to stop fanboying over him. I know, you probably watched that episode of The Big Bang Theory where he is at a homeless shelter washing dishes but that is probably because, he was scouting the building so he could bulldoze it later.