The truth is that everyone lies but there are a few things that men more often than not lie about. 

But before you get angry and say ‘hey, nOt aLl mEn,’ it’s not me who’s saying this. We found a thread on Quora where people share all the lies SOME men tell women. 

1. “No, I have never measured it.” – Sean Kernan

2. ” I have work to do. Goodnight!” – Sandeep Rathore

3. “Yes ma, don’t worry, I take my meals on time.” – Prateek Sinha

4. “I don’t care about my dick size.” – Charvi Kalra

5. “I wasn’t checking her out!” –  Rachna Seth

6. “I understand!” –  Akash Katara

7. “I will be home in 20 minutes.” –  Swasini Sudarsan

8. “I am listening to you.” –  Arpita Yadav

9. “I don’t cry” – Vikram Khanna

10. “I’m sorry, I’ll not repeat it again.” –  Shwetank Srivastava

11. “Can I come over? I just want to cuddle with you. I promise.” –  Elizabeth Victoria

12. “I’m okay” –  Prathamesh Satardekar

13. “I’ll call you right back.” – Shinjini Singh

14. “She’s the one who flirted with me first.” – Yentl Chan 

15. “You are right.” – Anonymous

16. “I thought you didn’t want to talk to me, so I didn’t ping you this past week.” – Aditi Bhattacharya

17. “I am single.” – Pavani Yasarapu

So, which one these have you heard before from a man?