If there is one celebrity I could switch lives with, it will have to be Ranveer Singh. Not only is he ridiculously talented which won’t hurt at all, but also, he seems to be having the best time at the biggest sporting events across the world. 

Last month, he participated in an NBA All-Star game as the Indian brand ambassador of the league. He was seen playing with Tacko Fall in what seemed like a very fun basketball session in Cleveland.

Indian Express

Apart from the game, what also made a lot of buzz were his pictures with Machine Gun Kelly, who was also invited by NBA.

His game was actually not bad at all as the commentators seemed really impressed with what he was doing.

Cut to, last weekend. Ranveer is now attending Premier League games one after the other. Does this guy ever stop?

An Arsenal supporter, he was there for the team’s match against Leicester City which the Gooners won. Must have been nice to witness that *another Arsenal supporter on this side sobs*. 

But that’s not it. He was also in attendance to watch Saturday’s Manchester United vs Spurs game. This means he got to see a Ronaldo hattrick from up close. 

Now, just when we thought the party is over, he goes and uploads pictures from last night’s all-important match between Manchester City and Crystal Palace. 

It was a goalless clash which has made the future matches a lot more interesting. Won’t be surprised if Ranveer gets to watch those too.

All of this in less than two months. Also, let’s not forget he played Kapil Dev on the big screen. That’s as big an honour as a sports-loving actor can get and he did complete justice to it.

India Today

Ranveer Singh is out there living our dream. Good for him. We’re not jealous at all.