It is no surprise that sometimes movies do not work in Bollywood. Either because they were bad, or simply because they were ahead of their times. The movies in the latter category grow old with time and finally, everyone realizes what an underrated gem the movie was.

This is exactly what happened with Table No. 21. The movie had Rajeev Khandelwal, Paresh Rawal, and Tina Desai in lead roles. In a thriller of sorts, the movie keeps you glued to your seats from the start to the finish.

A Reddit thread talks about how underrated the movie was. And Redditors agree. Here’s what netizens had to say.

(Note: some spoilers ahead)

Filmi Beat

“I watched it many years back. I recall enjoying the movie and the ending took me by surprise! Rajeev Khandelwal had his moments. Too bad, he couldn’t sustain…Aamir was a stellar movie as well” – Latter-Yam-2115

Filmi Beat

“Good movie, great theme. (The movie) needed better acting from some, but overall nailed the whole ragging and psychological torture scenario.” – Br0ken_01

“I loved it back then . I don’t know why nobody discussed about it.” – Green-Application-76

“The OG squid game.” – rxbxnxx

“I thought it would be a cheap thriller, but the twist made it a lot more meaningful.” – rnjbond

“Good movie, good songs. But people need BS to watch and cheer.” – AM2PM_

“I watched it in theatres during a 7 day 7 movie streak planned with my friends in college. This was not the first choice and we were running out of movies, so watched this. And boy, this was the best one out of the seven! I don’t even remember the other six movies, but this one stayed. I rewatched it again with my wife during lockdown and she was sceptical due to the cast, but I persisted and she was glad I forced her to watch it.” – abptl9

“I watched the movie in theatres when I was 18. I cried after watching the movie because I also faced bullying in school.” – ProudBlondieGirl

“Exactly! This is the most underrated movie of all time.” – sagar_shaarma

If there’s one thing we all can collectively agree upon, is the fact that the movie gave us a song which has turned out to be a cult favourite.

It’s time to watch Table No. 21 this weekend and see it for yourself. The movie is currently streaming on ZEE5.