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Back in 2018 when Rinku Singh was first acquired by Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) at the IPL for ₹80 lakhs, he had made a fan page for himself on Facebook. He still wasn’t popular in those days. Prior to KKR, he was acquired by the Punjab Kings, but they had put him on the bench. The cricketer, who has now become a household name, was trolled back then for him making his own fan page on Facebook

Himanshu Pareek, a sports journalist, took to Twitter and shared a screenshot of this gem from the blast. He tweeted, “In 2018, Rinku Singh created his own fans club on Facebook. Got trolled for it, and today he has provided a best-ever finish to an IPL game.” The journalist also attached a screenshot of the Facebook notification which showed that Rinku had made his own ‘Rinku Singh Fans Club’ group on Facebook.

Take a look at the tweet here.

Rinku Singh, the man of the moment, worked on his skills and displayed his prowess in the ballpark on Sunday when he scored five sixes off five balls and made the impossible seem possible for KKR. The cricketer won praise from everyone, including Shah Rukh Khan. His phenomenal skills earned him fans throughout the country and he was referred to as ‘Lord Rinku Singh‘ – and his ‘cult’ is called ‘Rinku-ism‘.

From that day till today, Rinku has come a long way and now people are making fan pages and fan edits for the ace cricketer. People had a lot to say after Himanshu’s tweet. His tweet blew up and has fetched over 591K views, over 16K likes, and over 1K retweets and comments.

Here’s what people had to say.

We can safely say Rinku Singh manifested his dreams.

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