SS Rajamouli’s RRR has been roaring quite literally on theatres. The film has been a success in terms of both, critics’ reviews, and love from the audience. Understandably, the team is excited and happy with the response. Naturally, a success party was in order. And while the photos from the cast surfaced online, it was Ram Charan’s gesture for the film’s technicians that became the talk of the town.

The actor invited all the technicians from the film for a hearty breakfast at his Hyderabad home. This included everyone from the direction team and camera department to production managers and even accountants. 

Ram Charan’s gesture is something very heartwarming because we do not always see the crew behind the camera being appreciated for their work – no matter how much of a toil it must be.

Reportedly, he even gifted the technicians gold coins worth a total of ₹18 lakhs. Each gold coin weighed 11.6 grams, which amounts to around ₹55,000-₹60,000. A total of around 35 unit members were invited for the breakfast, and of course there were sweets too. Because, ‘muh meetha karna’ is just as important. 

Ram Charan’s gift is an acknowledgment of the crew members’ work, and it leaves us with a lot of respect for the actor.