Disclaimer: The following article contains text that may be triggering for some readers.

From taking psychological therapies to talking to professionals, there are a gazillion methods to overcome mental health issues. There’s no doubt that anxiety has become one of the most common problems these days for several individuals.

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To deal with this issue, a foreign company came up with an absurd treatment that will legit take you to the grave!

Prekated Academy, the company, offers a therapy where people suffering from anxiety are buried, under the soil, alive for an hour.

Yes, that’s correct!

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While it does sound extremely horrifying, the company claims that it’s safe and will help people get over their anxieties and worries.

The technique, called psychic therapy, costs a whopping ₹47 lakhs to keep a person in a coffin and bury them in the soil. The entire process will be done in Russia’s St Petersburg. 

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Yakaterina Preobrazhenskaya, the founder of the company, revealed that the method is completely safe and the safety of their clients is of primary concern to the institution.

For those who cannot visit the nation, the company also provides a cheaper alternative package that costs ₹12 lakhs. In this package, a person can view their funeral online, with candles and funeral songs. They can also get their will written.

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Post the burial process, a revived awareness process will assist to rebuild a person’s will to live. However, the company recommends the first burial method for maximum results. Apart from curing anxiety, the therapy will also help develop some psychic abilities.

Will you go under the grave?