Listen, let’s be very honest, we’ve all, at some point or the other loved our favorite characters so much that we’ve thought about what it’d be like to know them personally. 

But, have you ever thought about what some of them would be like as brothers? I mean, Raksha Bandhan is here and we can’t help but think about this!

Here, take a look at what we thought many of our favorite web-series characters would be like as brothers. Read on: 

1. Abhishek Tripathi from Panchayat would be the kind of brother who would always stand up for his siblings. 

Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar) would be the brother who’d not only motivate his siblings to excel at their careers but also take a stand for them in a heartbeat (basically, he’d give off major big brother vibes). But also, he’d probably have a hard time opening up and asking for support for himself, too. 


2. Homi Bhabha from Rocket Boys would be the kind of brother who’d always motivate and encourage you. 

Homi Bhabha (played by Jim Sarbh), would be the super academic, intellectual and innovative brother who’d always push you to attempt your biggest goals. He may even ask you how your goals would help society and the people around you! Y’know, being the patriot he is. 


3. Annu Mishra from Gullak would be the kind of brother who’d always have your back. 

Annu Mishra (Vaibhav Raj Gupta) is a brother to Aman on Gullak, and a good one at that. He’s always there to support and give wholesome advice to Aman. But I think we all know someone like Annu, he’d be the kind of brother who’d always step up to help and support his family financially and be responsible AF! 

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4. Dhruv Sehgal from Little Things would be the kind of brother who’d always be there to hear you out. 

If you consider yourself a bit of a Little Things fan, you know that Dhruv Sehgal (played by Dhruv Sehgal) is the sweetest, most considerate person in the show. He’d definitely be the kind of brother who would make you a cup of chai and talk to you about the things that are bothering you and lend you a listening ear during the hard times. 


5. Hostel Daze’s Ankit Pandey would be the kind of brother who’d almost always be the wisest person in the room. 

The super intelligent brother who’d not always be confident about voicing his opinions and perspectives, but would most probably end up being right about a lot of things! That’s the kind of brother Ankit Pandey (Adarsh Gourav) from Hostel Daze would be. 


6. Vaibhav Pandey from Kota Factory would be the kind of brother who’d always look out for you. 

Mayur More played the extremely hard-working and a little-bit-too-serious Vaibhav Pandey (though of course he was so serious with good reason). 

So Vaibhav Pandey would definitely be the kind of brother who’d be as sensitive and concerned about your future as he is about his own. He’d watch out for you because he watches out for his own self extremely well. 


7. Permanent Roommates’ Mikesh Chaudhary would be the kind of brother who’d always plan the best birthday parties.  

I imagine Mikesh Chaudhary (Sumeet Vyas) to be the kind of brother who would be the initiator of his family. He’d always be the first one to encourage everyone to do what needs to be done, not in a pushy way though, in a fun way! He’s also be the kind to plan birthday parties and surprises. I mean, every person needs a sibling like that. 


I think we all have a brother who is like at least one of these characters!