Delhi’s clubs are famous all over India – for food, drinks, parties and some drama. And when it’s the 90s Saif Ali Khan, we can imagine how crazy fans could be.


Back in 1994, Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan was stuck in a little scuffle with other visitors at a club in Delhi. In his words, he was almost killed by a man.

Saif was in Delhi following the premiere of his movie Mai Khiladi Tu Anari when the incident took place. Soon after, he was seen with a bandage on his forehead in one of the interviews. So everyone wanted to know the details. By this time there were reports in media that he had a fight with someone in the club.


Saif clarified as to what really happened. He revealed that two girls had approached him for a dance, but he was interested so he said ‘no’.

This kept happening for a while. Then we said ‘please leave us’. Their boyfriends came, and we told them to handle the situation, we don’t want to talk to anyone… He didn’t like it and said, ‘you have a million-dollar face I am going to spoil it,”.

A few years back, Saif revisited this incident on a talk show with Neha Dhupia. He said that the man had approached him to dance with his girlfriend and when he refused, the man hit him with a whiskey glass.

 We ended up in the bathroom, and I was wiping my wound because it was bleeding a lot.
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Saif further added that he tried to explain it to the guy what he did. But the fan’s boyfriend hit him again.

So, there was a flood of blood, I thought I don’t know what’s happened, so I was wiping it with water, I looked at him and ‘I said look what you did’, as in let’s make up now and he attacked me with the soap dish. So, he was a lunatic, and he might have killed me.

Sounds scary, right?

You can watch the interview here.

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