Bigg Boss 16 premieres on 1st October 2022. It would be Salman Khan’s 13th year of hosting India’s most popular reality show. While there has always been an enigma around the new Bigg Boss contestants, Salman Khan Bigg Boss fees is another mystery that pops up every year.

Bigg Boss 16 start date

Much before the bigg boss 16 start date, people begin speculating about how much the actor charges per episode. If rumours are to be believed, Salman Khan Bigg Boss 16 fees is a whopping sum of ₹1000 crore for the entire season. However, the actor has dismissed such rumours.

In a press conference for BB 16, Salman Khan addressed the rumours around his pay. The actor said, “I was going to return the money I didn’t get only.” He joked that he won’t work the rest of his life if he ever gets paid this much. He said, “Itna mujhe kabhi life mein nahi milega. Itna mil gaya toh kabhi kaam na karoon. I have a lot of expenses, like lawyers. Because of these rumors, income tax people notice and come to me.”

bigg boss 16 salman khan fees

While there is still some hush-hush around Salman Khan Bigg Boss 16 fee, let us look at some facts. The beloved Bhaijaan of Bollywood is a big brand in himself. Despite his popularity, the actor wholeheartedly and unabashedly invests himself in hosting Bigg Boss every year. Of course, he gets paid for it. But the actor doesn’t need to go all in and mentor each and every housemate.

In the last thirteen years, the audience has seen the actor bursting into laughter and even losing his temper completely. Salman has also often revealed that he watches the episodes closely and observes every contestant. During the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, the actor pokes, bashes, and even compliments the house members on the basis of their weekly performance. People may love or even hate him as the BB host, but now it has become difficult for the audience to imagine Bigg Boss without Salman Khan. So even if he does get paid huge sums, it is probably because he brings so much to the table.

Bigg Boss 16 Salman Khan fees

Salman Khan Bigg Boss 16 fees is a never-ending mystery for the audience. So we decided to dig deeper into the speculations of the previous seasons. Reportedly, Salman Khan was paid approximately ₹350 crores for a span of 14 weeks in the last Bigg Boss season. This means the actor charged roughly 12 crores per episode.

If we go back to the very beginning, it has been widely reported that Salman Khan hosted his first few seasons of BB with a sum of ₹2.5 crores per episode. This was for Bigg Boss seasons four, five, and six. However, the show’s popularity has been growing ever since the actor began hosting. Hence, the actor doubled his fees for season 7.

salman khan bigg boss fees
Bollywood Hungama

Furthermore, Hindustan Times reported that Salman Khan charged approximately ₹5.5 crores per episode for Bigg Boss 8, and for Seasons 9 and 10, he hiked his fee up to ₹8 crores per episode.

For BB 11, it was rumoured that the actor was charging a fee of ₹11 crores per episode. However, the actor denied it by laughing off such claims while the Colors TV CEO, Raj Nayak, admitted, “Salman doesn’t come that cheap.”

bigg boss 16 start date
Bollywood Features – Medium

Business Today had reported that Salman Khan charged somewhere between ₹12 to ₹14 crore per episode for Bigg Boss 12. However, another report from Pinkvilla suggested a different amount as Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss fee for seasons 12 and the popular season 13. 

The report read: “Last year (BB12), he charged Rs 11 crore per day of shoot. He shoots both the weekend special episodes in a day and so, in 2018 he minted Rs 165 crore from the whole season. BB 13 will be a notch higher. He has hiked his fee and will get Rs 13 crore per week, which means Rs 6.5 crore per episode.”

Salman Khan BB 16 fee
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For season 14, it was reported that Salman Khan charged ₹20 crore per episode.

Coming back to the upcoming Bigg Boss 16, a report in Mid-Day suggests Salman Khan BB 16 fee, and it’s not ₹1000 crore. The report reads that the actor will be paid around ₹43 crore per episode.

Eventually, we can only speculate what amount Salman Khan is actually paid for hosting Bigg Boss. We can never be too sure since nobody likes to reveal their paycheque, just like that, to public. (Ain’t it too weird to discuss!)

bigg boss 16 premiere date
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However, we can start looking forward to the upcoming Bigg Boss 16 premiere. The weekend is just around the corner. Every year, Bigg Boss comes, and the search for masaledaar content for Bigg Boss fans ceases for a couple of months since nothing can really top the foothold Bigg Boss has on the Indian audience. And while we have spoken of Bigg Boss 16 salman khan fees, who do you think will be the contestants this year?