They say if you remain a star long enough, your entire life becomes like a movie. 

They don’t say it, I just came up with that. 

But it seems logical if Salman Khan’s life is anything to go by. The guy keeps doing the most random, unexpected things. While sometimes these things happen to him. 

Here’s a list.

1. He was recently bitten by a snake, which is very unfortunate and we are glad he is doing okay. His way of looking at the incident, though, is something.

Talking to the media, he said that he made friends with the snake that bit him thrice and even took a selfie with him. 

My sister was quite scared, but I made friends with the snake and got a picture clicked with it.

Now, the thing is, there is no way of verifying if that actually happened – and for some reason, I am unable to completely rule it out. 

2. Moving on, a few days later, he was riding an autorickshaw. Because he can.

Like he sings in his movies. Because he can. 

3. He has horses on his farm who sometimes have to share their food with him.

I mean, what are the poor horses going to do if a human decides to eat raw grass? You just go with the flow.

4. In fact, all animals seem to love him. Here’s a monkey gladly taking water from him, but not from a plastic water bottle.

5. And just when you get used to these strange occurrences, he goes and does something very basic, like using a charkha.


Safe to say, bhai lives a very different kind of life.