Samantha Ruth Prabhu stole the show last night in Koffee With Karan Season 7. Major props to her for being witty and honest, and making it look as easy as a breeze. The Samantha-Akshay duo had an energy that you’d expect out of them, even more so, at times. They were real at all times, but they’re not the kind who let a chance slip away, to self-roast or make a savage comment. 

But, let’s just talk about the elephant in the room, who wasn’t one on the show. Not very far away from Disney+ Hotstar, on another tab, the world was ‘Ranveerified’ with Singh’s interview, while he was posing naked for the camera – almost making a statement. We were reminded of his ‘hero’ energy two times in one day, after Samantha Ruth Prabhu proved that she stans the actor. 

She talked about her honest affection for the actor, and the proper fangirl experience that she had while working with him. It was a genuine appreciation of an artist by a contemporary in the same industry. 

Then there was also the rapid fire round, where she was a true and complete fan. From considering him for a friend’s bachelorette to wanting to be cast with him in a love triangle, she said it all. And really, who doesn’t want that? I mean, fans who are not even actors, have the same answers in our heads. 

What I loved about Samantha Ruth Prabhu was that she didn’t try and be diplomatic about it – it was Ranveer Singh all around, like a loyal fan. And honestly, if the queen approved how can we not agree that he’s probably a great person to have around. Who knows? But, she said it, so now it’s a fact.

The actor fangirling over Ranveer Singh is literally all of us, which was quite relatable and made us go “same, bruh” every other minute. Samantha also mentioned how the ad shoot that she’d done the day before was what made her a stan. Should we manifest a movie with the two actors together? I’m already running plots in my head.

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