Satisfying humankind is tough; God knows how Santa has been managing all these years. I sympathise with him. More so because I am becoming him for the sake of this bizarre piece. So, being the Santa Claus I am today, here’s what I’d like to gift these 10 celebs keeping 2022 in mind.

1. Alia Bhatt – A Thesaurus so that she speaks literally any other word instead of ‘Shivaaa’ in her next film.

santa gifts for celeb

2. Aamir Khan – An apology card on behalf of everybody who regretted missing Laal Singh Chaddha in theatres, being an honest and heartwarming remake it was.

Bollywood Hungama

3. Sima Taparia – Another meeting with Seema Sajdeh where she gets called out for her regressive bias.


4. Kanye West – A duct tape so that he shuts his mouth before voicing bigoted statements in public.

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5. Ranveer Singh – Peppermint tea so that he calms down before charging on people unaware of his hyperactive mode.

Remembering Bear Grylls!

6. Ayan Mukerji – Scriptwriters so that he doesn’t take up the adventure of writing dialogues himself.

7. Elon Musk – A mirror so that he sees himself before he tweets random shiz.

And Twitter polls mean nothing in real world!


8. Akshay Kumar – A DVD of his GOLD films so that he knows we’re missing the old him.

The Indian Express

9. Shefali Shah – A 100x increase in quality scripts so that we keep seeing more of her in films and shows.

Telegraph India

10. Shah Rukh Khan – A Crown cos it’s high time we make his title official: The King of Bollywood.

Film Information

If you were a Santa, what would you gift these celebrities?