There’s a new fad in town that has bit celebrities like a bug. It’s a huge hit among those celebrities who charge lakhs and even crores as acting fee or just an appearance fee. It is the urge and the need to appear middle class so that their fans are able to relate to them. And someone who has been done this for a while, is Sara Ali Khan.

In her latest interview for Vogue India, Sara Ali Khan shed some light on how she lacks certain resources and this ‘deprivation’ makes her relatable to her fans. The resource in question, you ask? Well, it is designer clothes. Speaking to the fashion magazine, the actor said,

“I wear my honesty with more pride than any designer clothes. In fact, I don’t have a single pair of designer clothing in my wardrobe. I know people initially judged me for it but I’m happy that they can now not only appreciate but also identify with me because of these very reasons.”

Her comment hasn’t gone down well with her fans. People called her out for her statement. Some called it unbelievable because of her lineage and the success she has attained as an actor. While some agreed with her and said that Sara Ali Khan doesn’t have designer clothes in her wardrobe because most of the time her stylists source her outfits which she has to return back after her appearance.

Sara’s statement has set the internet on fire. Here’s what people had to say.

Can celebrities just acknowledge their privileges and move on?

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