Science fiction. A genre that caters to the mind and seduces imagination. Sci-fi feeds our monster of curiosity that inhabits the world of what-ifs. What if time travel was possible? What if aliens exist? What if Frankenstein is real? 

Netflix is now streaming Stanger Things 4, and we’re all about it. But —if you love Sci-Fi— it would interest you to know that Netflix is brimming with many other incredible series in this genre. Check out these shows on Netflix if Sci-Fi is your thing. 

1. Dark

Dark is set in a fictional German town called Winden, which has a tragic history. The troubled past connects with the present and sets the course for the future. Everything is interconnected. The story pilots with the disappearance of a local boy in 2019. The show is filled with mystery, thrill, drama, philosophy, and fantasy. It has strong character arcs, pulsating plotline, and —the best— time travel. Oh! And everything makes sense. Watch the trailer here.


2. Love, Death + Robots

Love, Death + Robots is an animated anthology. It is a series of short and disconnected 35 episodes scattered across different genres, including science fiction. You do not really have to watch the episodes in order; you can pick them up randomly. The show is NSFW since there is a lot of sex and violence. But, it is unlike anything you have watched before. The graphics are beyond excellence. The twisted dystopian world of robots and humans is shaped into tempting tales that explore extra ordinary ideas. Watch the trailer here.


3. The 100

A major nuclear massacre had demolished almost all life on Earth. The survivors take accommodation in a spaceship called The Ark, orbiting around the planet. After 97 years, 100 unwilling juvenile detainees are sent back to the Earth to explore whether life is possible. The juveniles discover different groups of people, called the ‘Grounders’ who had survived the apocalypse and stayed on the ground. The series, with its out-of-the-box plotline, is action-packed and full of drama. Watch the trailer here.


4. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an —extremely popular— adult Sci-Fi animated series. It revolves around the extraordinary interstellar adventures of an alcoholic scientist Rick and his imbecile grandson Morty. The show not only delves into science and exploration of the universe but also digs deep into some really complex philosophical ideologies like existentialism and absurdity. Watch the trailer here.


5. Black Mirror

Imagine your worst fears about technology coming true. Yes, that’s the premise of Black Mirror, except that the visual representations are all the more chilling. Each episode of the series is unique and a story of its own. You can pick and choose whichever episode you wish to watch at random. In the world where we proudly exclaim that our lives have digitized, this compelling dystopian show prompts the viewers to rethink their relationship with technology. Watch the trailer here.


6. Alice In Borderland

Think of this series as a complex version of Jumanji. A group of friends is trapped inside this fantasy world of a game, where they will have to do every possible thing to earn their survival. However, what if the game rules are such that not everyone can survive? Alice In Borderland is a Sci-Fi show with elements of drama and thrill. It centers around Arisu, an unemployed man who is addicted to games. He is struck with complex situations, and he has to make difficult decisions to get out of the game. Look out, season 2 is coming. Watch the trailer here.


7. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a very famous anime series that was originally censored. Set in the future, bounty hunters aboard a spaceship called Bebop traverse across the galaxy to hunt criminals and bring them alive for a reward. The plot also digs deep into existentialist philosophy and explores the theme of loneliness, the quest for identity, and the influence of the past in present. Watch the trailer here.


8. Inside Job

Who runs the world? Inside Job is an animated Sci-Fi workplace comedy series that is set in a world where conspiracy theories exist for real. A corporate firm called Cognito Inc. works for the deep state. Their role is to manage conspiracies and keep them hidden. With a tinge of humor and subtlety, this compelling series is also a grim commentary on the contemporary state of affairs and the ways of the world. Watch the trailer here.


9. Into the Night

I know the sun has been brutal off lately, but you can escape the scorching heat with the series premised upon the destructive nature of the sun. Passengers aboard an overnight flight from Brussels have to stay away from the sun, by all means necessary, and keep flying towards the West. They must remain in the night because the sunlight will demolish them all. Watch the trailer here.


10. Arcane

Based on the League of Legends video game, Arcane is another animated Sci-Fi adventure and fantasy fiction that you should add to your watchlist. The series features some of the video game’s greatest champions involved in a compelling storyline fused with striking animation. You don’t need to be familiar with the game to relish the show; the plot is enough. It centers around two sisters who have drifted apart amidst the broiling unrest between the rich and the oppressed. They have different sets of ideologies and are fighting for different things. The show also depicts several other contrasting binaries and lets viewers decide who is right and who is wrong. Watch the trailer here.

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11. Another Life

A crew of astronauts, led by Niko Breckinridge, is on a mission to explore the origin of an unidentified flying object (UFO) that landed on Earth. The idea is to make contact with aliens. The journey is full of risks and potential dangers that threaten their life. Watch the trailer here.


12. Away

Emma Green has to leave her loving husband and daughter for three years to be on a high-risk mission to Mars. As the commander of an international mission, she has to win the trust of her fragmented crew and control her longing to be with family simultaneously. In her journey, she is faced with many personal and professional challenges that test her mettle. Watch the trailer here.


13. The Silent Sea

Climate change is depleting the natural resources on Earth. The global water level will be reduced by 40% in the coming decade. A group of astronauts and astrobiologists embark upon a 24-hour deadly mission on the moon to recover a sample from the station, which could possibly solve the current crisis. However, they uncover some really gory secrets about the moon. Will they ever return? Watch the trailer here.


14. Tribes of Europa

It is 2074, and the European continent is not how we perceive it today. Tribes are now ruling it. After a global disaster, the continent is fractured into hostile micro-states, perpetually warring for dominance. In such a doomed state of affairs, three siblings set out to change the fate of Europe. Watch the trailer here.


15. Raising Dion

Nicole is singlehandedly raising her son Dion Warren after the unnatural demise of her husband. Dion is a special child who begins to manifest superpowers growing up. His supernatural abilities must be kept a secret to prevent them from being exploited. Dion must also learn to keep his powers under control while figuring out their inception. Watch the trailer here.


16. Titans

The series is a “gritty take” on the Teen Titans franchise. It revolves around the story of young superheroes from the DC Universe. Dick Grayson, a former associate of Batman, gets into the company of a young girl, overwhelmed by her terrifying, hellish powers. Soon they become a team of four when Starfire and Beast Boy join them in fighting against evil. Watch the trailer here.


17. Lost in Space

When a family of space colonists crash lands on an unknown planet, they must fight for survival and escape. But, their adventures are prone to severe dangers. The individual characters have strong personalities, and the show also explores the dynamics within the family. Watch the trailer here.

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18. Snowpiercer

The world ended in 2014 because of a doomed climate change experiment, and all that is left are the survivors onboard a luxury self-sustained train called snowpiercer. The show begins years after the apocalypse. The train is hierarchically divided into three classes, just like every other society. The drama constitutes the mysteries of the world and the struggles of the lone survivors of humanity. Watch the trailer here.

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19. Jupiter’s Legacy

Based on a comic also called Jupiter’s Legacy, the show explores the conflicted relations and power dynamics between two generations of superheroes. The younger generation struggles to be at par with outdated, rigid morals, ideals, and expectations established by their forefathers. Watch the trailer here.


20. Travelers

Scores of special operatives, called the Travelers, from the future are tasked with the responsibility to avert societal collapse in the 21st century. Their consciousness is sent in the past. It is transferred into the host bodies of people who are about to die. The operatives are sent back in time with protocols to adhere to. They also need to maintain the social life of the host without arousing any suspicion. They must “undo the errors” of their ascendants. Watch the trailer here.


21. 3%

In the future, the majority of the population lives in abject poverty in an area called the Inland. However, an elite group of people inhabits a virtual paradise at distance. Every year, 3% of the 20-year-olds get the opportunity to transform their life of squalor and make it to the island paradise after qualifying for certain tests. Who would be in the 3%? Watch the trailer here.


22. Altered Carbon

In the 23rd century, the human mind is digital, and human consciousness is transferrable. After 250 years, the soul of a former soldier named Takeshi Kovacs is returned to a new body. The stakes are high for him because he has an opportunity to live life. He could gain his freedom if he solves a murder case. Watch the trailer here.


23. Nightflyers

A group of scientists embarks upon a perilous mission towards the edge of the solar system in the most technologically advanced spaceship of all time. Their goal is to establish contact with other life forms. However, the real danger lies inside the ship. I think it would also be very interesting to know that this series is from George R.R. Martin. He’s the mind behind Game of Thrones. Yes, that’s it. Watch the trailer here.


24. Star Trek (1968)

Led by Captain Kirk, Starship Enterprise’s crew is on a five-year bold mission in the vast expanse of the space to discover new worlds and explore new civilizations. This 1968 franchise became a global phenomenon that also had a major influence on pop culture. Watch the trailer here

25. The Umbrella Academy

In a bizarre twist of life, 43 random non-pregnant women end up giving birth to gifted babies. Some of those special children with extra ordinary abilities are adopted by a billionaire who seeks to raise them to “save the world.” However, as the children grow, the family becomes estranged. The children reunite upon the death of their father. With their different personalities, they try to work together to learn the mystery behind his death amidst the looming danger of an apocalypse. Watch the trailer here.


26. Osmosis

Do you believe in soulmates? Well, two siblings from a distant future Paris have developed this new technology that can help you find your soulmate with the help of science and artificial intelligence. This technology will study your brain and bring you 100% accurate results. But, humans are not as simple, and they cannot be bracketed into an algorithm so easily. Watch the trailer here


27. The Rain

Humans of Scandinavia are in danger from a deadly virus-infected rainfall that will kill them all. A scientist father hides his children in a bunker and never returns. 6 years later, the children emerge from the bunker to find their disappeared father. Their search is not free from the perils of the now-transformed post-apocalyptic outside world. Watch the trailer here.


28. The I-Land

With an exciting concept, this 7-episodic series drew a lot of traction when the trailer dropped until people actually watched it. The show is not very popular among the masses, especially as a Sci-Fi. It is premised around a bunch of handsome strangers who wake up on an island with their memory erased. The island is not as blissful as it seems. Who are they? What are they doing there? How do they get out? Watch the trailer here.


29. Sense8 

8 strangers from different walks of life find themselves interconnected through a psychic connection called Sensate. They can share knowledge, experiences, skills, and language. They can also sense each other even without physical proximity. As they begin to learn and process this unique connection, a Biologic Preservation Group (BPO) is trying to hunt them down. Watch the trailer here.  


30. The OA

The OA is a mystery thriller with elements of Sci-Fi in it. Prairie Johnson returns home suddenly after having been missing for 7 years. She is no longer blind as she was. She now also has a back full of scars. Prarie also begins to call herself the OA, meaning the original angel. She refuses to answer questions related to her miraculous disappearance and return. She opens up to a group of people to involve them in the mission to rescue those who were held hostage with her. Watch the trailer here.


31. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is a Japanese Manga series. Humankind has frozen after a “mysterious flash.” 3700 years later, a 15-year-old Senku Ishigami wakes up to find that all civilization has nearly eroded. He begins to study the cause and cure of the event with his friend, Taiju Oki, in his mission to rebuild the civilization and revive others. Watch the trailer here.


32. Brave New World 

Everyone is happy and connected in this Brave New World premised upon artificial intelligence. You can never be alone in this Utopian society where you are not bounded by any familial ties. You’re free to exist as who you are. This over-the-top existence is propagated with the frequent consumption of a drug called Soma. However, there are also people who refrained to consume these drugs. They live on a land separated by a barrier. Is their life any different? Or perhaps, better? Watch the trailer here.


That’s it from us. Which one are you watching?