Some shows we watch while eating our food, some we play in the background while we scroll through our phones, and some shows we binge and wait for the next episode eagerly. But then there come shows which get so close to our hearts that we don’t know what to do with our lives when they end. Here are some shows reaching their final seasons, and we are not ready for it. 

1. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan will finally come to its inevitable end with Part 3 of The Final Season in 2023, and as a fan of the show, I do not know whether to be happy, or cry rivers of sadness. With over 9 years in the making, we have already waited a lot for every new arc of every season.

While I want to see how Attack on Titan ends, I’m in no way ready to bid my farewell to the greatest anime in existence. It’s highly unlikely that any show will ever make me feel everything that Attack on Titan has, because shows like these happen once in a lifetime.

2. Killing Eve

The series finale of Killing Eve has already started and there’s only one last episode left, and I’m so not ready to let go of the show. We just got a teaser of Eve and Villanelle in the final episode, and with the anticipation that they *might* kiss at the end, argh! I don’t know how to wait for Sunday. One thing I know is if Villaneve isn’t the end game, I’m suing for emotional damage.


I mean, just look at this picture. 😮‍💨 Do I need to say more?

3. Peaky Blinders

The fans (read: me) are kinda bummed out with Peaky Blinders ending. It’s a badass show with good writing, a lot of style, violence and a damn good cast. The fact that there won’t be any more of Tommy and Arthur Shelby makes me sad. I wish aunt Polly was still around for the last season though.

I was kinda hoping they would make a movie in the end because that, I think, was the original idea. But with no surety on that, I guess, I will probably rewatch the whole thing once it ends. 

4. This Is Us

To be honest, This Is Us is the reason I wrote this article. But now that I’m writing about it, it feels like I’m short of words. I mean, how do you deal with a show getting to an end that made you feel so many things that you didn’t even know you were capable of feeling?


Something good is coming to an end, and even though I knew it was inevitable, it still makes me utterly sad. We have learnt so much from the Pearson family. The way baby Jack stole the show in the last episode and everything else that happened, I don’t think I’m ready for This Is Us to end. It’ll be a while till we find another gem like this. 

5. The Walking Dead

It’s the end of an era as The Walking Dead is ending after 11 seasons and several spinoffs. The three-part final season is ending this year though it’s still uncertain when the last episode of The Walking Dead will air. Though the show is ending, the TWD universe will continue to expand with two new spinoffs, so that’s a relief. 


Me when these show end – 

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