Sex isn’t the easiest topic to bring up. This also explains why sex education in most places is flawed, even in today’s world. There are however some shows and films that do not shy away from talking about it and portray honest representation of sex and everything related to it.

Here are some of the films and shows that you should check out:

1. Sex, Explained 

Sex, Explained is a limited docuseries that focuses on topics related to sex from a scientific and psychological perspective. The docuseries uses a lot of numbers and facts but it does so with an engaging and fun narration and illustrations. It is available on Netflix to watch.


2. Masters Of Sex 

Loosely based on Thomas Maier’s biography Masters of Sex, this period drama is set in the late ’50s. While being direct, the show focuses on the confusion and the emotions that surround intimacy, something that is usually missed out. It revolves around William Masters and Virginia Johnson, two researchers who conducted groundbreaking and controversial research into the physiology of human sexuality. The show is available on Sony LIV.


3. Sexify

This television series is a sex-comedy and the plot revolves around a computer science student Natalia and her efforts to develop an algorithm for the female orgasm. It focuses on exploring intimacy while also keeping in touch with the other themes of the show – including friendship. The show is about the three friends Natalia, Paulina and Monika, who embark on their individual journeys – sexual and otherwise. You can binge the show on Netflix.

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4. Easy

Easy is a comedy-drama anthology series streaming on Netflix. It revolves around the personal lives of individuals from Chicago, who are exploring love and relationships. While exploring relationships, the show tries to destigmatize sex. It is something that carries the approach of a modern day rom-com.

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5. Wanderlust

Wanderlust is a British television drama series starring Toni Collette, Steven Mackintosh, Zawe Ashton and Sophie Okonedo. The series is a considered a frank representation of sex, masturbation and relationships. It tells the story of a married couple looking for new ways to spice up their marriage. The show is available on Netflix

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6. Girls

The show’s premise revolves around exploring and learning through the 20’s. It also focuses on sensitive and stigmatized topics like STDs, and body image, while also being about managing careers, navigating romantic and sexual relationships. The series is as real as it gets, it’s about making mistakes and learning along the way. Starring Lena Dunham, Girls is about the lives of four young women living in New York City.

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7. I Am Not Okay With This 

I Am Not Okay With This is a teen drama, based on the comic book of the same name by Charles Forsman. The story focuses on Sydney portrayed by Sophia Lillis, a teenager who navigates the complexities that come with being in a high school while she explores her sexuality. She also deals with her family life – all of it with her new found superpowers. The show is a fresh take on teen drama and is available on Netflix.


8. Big Mouth

An adult animated coming-of-age sitcom, Big Mouth is about a young person dealing with the difficulties of growing up. While Andrew learns about puberty and everything else that comes along – with no filter, and all frankness, the show focuses on the confusing times of adolescence. 

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9. Transparent 

Transparent is a comedy-drama that follows the story of a family and their lives as they discover that their parent is a trans woman. It’s about gender and identity while also being about parenting. The show revolves around the story of Maura, and her coming out as well as her family and how they learn about her identity transformation. In its entirety, the show is important. Transparent is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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10. Sex Education 

If we talk about sex positivity, it’s almost imposible to not mention Sex Education. The show created a fan base of its own and we all know why. It talked about the need for proper sex education among teenagers and adults, and also revolved around exploring sexual identity and inclusivity. This comedy drama introduced us to relatable characters and a well-defined plot. 


It’s time we talk about sex – out loud.