Being a long distance relationship is no cake- walk. There are many things that can cause let downs and friction between a couple in the situation. Lack of sex, is definitely one of them. 


So, perhaps finding alternative ways to maintain a healthy sex-life is the best bet here. Hence, here are some great sex toys to use if you and your S.O. are looking to spice up your long-distance sexy times. Read on.

1. Satisfyer Mono Flex Vibrator 

Satisfyer’s Mono Flex Vibrator offers dual vaginal stimulation, both on the clitoral level and on the penetration level. Plus it’s a silicone finish product and can be controlled via an app! Buy it here

Price: ₹9,999

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2. Lovesense Edge Prostate Massager

Lovesense’s prostate massager is adjustable (meaning you can alter its arm’s length to find a good position for your comfort) and it is also app controlled, for you and your long distance partner to maneuver. You can buy it here

Price: ₹24,999

3. OhMiBod Lumen Vibrating Butt Plug

This butt plug by OhMiBod is an advanced tool that is great for anal pleasure. Plus it’s made of touch friendly, cushioned material with a ribbed structure that’ll ensure you achieve your orgasm dreams! Buy it here

Price: ₹26,999

4. Dolphin Rechargeable Vibrator

This vibrator by Dolphin is equipped with multispeed vibrations and again, can be managed by an application. Which sounds pretty much perfect. It is available to buy here
Price: ₹7,899

5. Wireless Remote Control Egg Bullet Vibrator

Just another really adorable looking vibrator which does its job like a boss. You and your S.O. can’t go wrong with this one. It’s available to buy here.
Price: ₹5,995


6. Lovense MAX HighTech Male Masturbator 

One of the smartest things about this sex toy is how it can sync to the Lovense Nora Rabbit Vibrator (one created for vaginal pleasure). All via a smart application. The future is here my friends. Buy this here



7. Lovense Nora Rabbit Vibrator

This is the vibrator we mentioned right above. You can use it on your own of course, but what makes it perfect for a LDR is how it can be used with Lovense’s Male Masturbator. It’s available to buy here

Price: ₹26,699

8. We-Vibe Chorus Wireless Couple’s Vibrator

This vibrator by We-Vibe is portable and absolutely perfect for long distance couples. It can be controlled by a remote, and is waterproof as well. You can buy it here.



Hope these help add that spark in your LDR!

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