Celebrities often interact with the media at airports or events like award functions, press conferences, or any other promotional activities. Fun banter and other light-hearted moments—we have seen them all. However, sometimes celebrities face utterly stupid questions during their public appearances. Not just stupid; some are dumb, illogical, offensive, and distasteful. While many stars choose to ignore those questions, a few celebrities know how to tackle them.

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Here are six times when celebrities came up with best replies during media interactions:

1. When SRK roasted a reporter over Anushka Sharma ‘starting’ the wedding trend

During the promotions of Zero, a reporter talked about how Anushka Sharma has ‘started’ the trend of wedding. Before Anushka could come up with anything, SRK was quick enough to roast the reporter.

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2. When Richa Chaddha was asked about her plans for Valentine’s Day

During an event in 2018, a reporter asked Richa Chaddha about how she was planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day. To which the actress came up saying if he wants to go on a date with her.

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3. When Vidya Balan gave a savage response to a reporter about losing weight for movies

During an event, a reporter body-shamed Vidya Balan for her weight. The reporter asked the actress whether she will continue working in women-centric movies or lose weight in her upcoming films.

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4. When Deepika Padukone corrected a reporter about producing Chhapaak

During the promotion of Chhapaak, a reporter went on to ask Deepika Padukone if her husband, actor Ranveer Singh has invested in the production of the film as well. The actress corrected the reporter saying that she has put her the money into it.

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5. When Amitabh Bachchan was asked about his ‘hangover’ after shooting Sarkar 3

During the promotions of Sarkar 3, a reporter asked Amitabh Bachchan about how he used to feel after shooting a day for the film. The reporter added if Big B had a ‘hangover’ then.

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6. When Parineeti Chopra gave an epic response to a reporter over his remarks about sex

During an event, a reporter made a ridiculous remark about women enjoying sex while interacting with Parineeti Chopra. The actress slammed the reporter there saying that his comments are distasteful.

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Which reply did you like the most?