You either love Shah Rukh Khan or you don’t. But, you cannot not like his charm and wit. His comebacks and tongue in cheek remarks are exactly what make him the master of words. 

Post the release of the date announcement video for Pathaan, he had the #AskSRK session on twitter and it was funny as ever. Or maybe more. If nothing else, these responses definitely had his dilli wali vibe to them.

Witty comebacks, funny advice, kick-ass answers – he had it all!

We couldn’t think of a more logical response, complete toh hone do film!

When he knew he’s all – good looks, good looks & good looks.

When he made sure to plug-in his brand. Because, why not?

He also had the perfect advice on studying.

With him – kaam ki baat karo.

When he indirectly taught us fans that patience is key.

He made sure to drop in his charm, just a little bit.

SRK knows how to keep making people fall in love with him. Again and again.