There’s no doubt that Aman Gupta is one of the most loved sharks from the show Shark Tank. Known for his amazing sense of humour and easy-to-go personality, the co-founder and CMO of boAt recently took to his LinkedIn account and announced the beginning of his journey as a LinkedIn Influencer.

In the post, he opened up about wearing his company’s t-shirts to malls and airports in order to save time, as well as for branding purposes, as he had no budget to advertise the brand in his initial days as an entrepreneur.

Firstly, much like Steve Jobs’ strategy – it helps save time. But more importantly, I used to wear it for branding: put a larger than life logo of boAt and wore it to malls/ airports etc. It had the best ROI ever, given that I had no budget to actually advertise the brand initially.

He also requested all young entrepreneurs to never underestimate or shy away from using resources like social media platforms.

Everyone starts with nothing, so did I. It is important to have an eye for frugality – easily accessible resources with great ROI. I recommend young entrepreneurs to never shy away from using resources like social media platforms well, like I used Linkedin; from finding investors to marketing the brand to corporate hiring for boAt Lifestyle.

In a conversation with comedian Tanmay Bhat, the shark revealed that they used to wear the same clothes for a couple of days on the show.

And, it was for a reason. So that they could edit and mix any of these shoots. I saw a pitch yesterday, which was shot on the first day. This used to be our biggest regret. We used to always go to the creative director and say, ‘boss, humare kapde badal do, humse paise le lo but humare kapde badal do. Hum khud bore ho gaye hain ye pehan pehan ke.’ If I see that carrot-coloured suit or carrot colour anywhere, I just run away.
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What a great piece of advice!