There seems to have been an explosion of guns, violence, and swear words in shows streaming on OTT platforms in recent years. But here are shows released this year, that you can binge-watch if you're looking for a good distraction from the world, and are tired of drowning in gore and violence:

1. Panchayat

Undoubtedly one of the finest comedy-dramas produced in recent times, Panchayat boasted of phenomenal performances by the entire starcast and delivered on a subject that most of us relate to - millennial's job struggles. The at-times idyllic, at-time irksome village life only added to the show's charm. 

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2. Gone Game

Thrillers can be intriguing without a bloody, violent trail leading us to the criminal. Gone Game, shot entirely under lockdown, is definitely one such thriller. By expertly interweaving fictional elements with the rules of the actual lockdown, this miniseries delivers a well-developed mystery, that keeps your attention hooked throughout. 

The Gone Game
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3. JL50

JL50 dips into a severely underexplored pool in Indian cinema - time travel. While the series--which was originally shot as a film--does not completely justify the subject, it is still a welcome distraction from topics done to death in every other Hindi-language web series. 

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4. Taj Mahal 1989

A sweet romantic-drama with an ensemble cast including Geetanjali Kulkarni, Neeraj Kabi, debutant Anuj Singh Dhaka, and others, Taj Mahal 1989 is the kind of show that invites you to into a world long forgotten but talks about emotions that are eternal - love and friendship.

Taj Mahal 1989
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5. Bandish Bandits

A romantic drama set against the theme of classical vs. modern music, Bandish Bandits stars debutants Ritwik Bhowmik and Shreya Chaudhary as leads. However, it's the stellar supporting cast (Naseeruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni, Sheeba Chaddha etc.), the stunning cinematography, and the original soundtrack that make up for the predictable storyline. 

Bandish Bandits
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6. A Viral Wedding

Shot entirely under lockdown, A Viral Wedding stars Mohit Raina, Amol Parashar, Sonali Sachdev, and Sharib Hashmi. An innovative, entertaining watch, it shows the story of a couple whose wedding plans go haywire when the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are put in place. 

A Viral Wedding
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7. Pariwar

A stellar starcast (Gajraj Rao, Ranvir Shorey, Vijay Raaz, and others) meets an interesting plot in this comedy-drama streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. If you're looking for a light-hearted comedy that allows you to forget the real-life drama, then this is is a good pick. 

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8. Upload

Upload is what you get when you mix romance with sci-fi. And thanks to clever writing and winning performances, it also becomes an entertaining, innovative drama that makes for an easy watch. 

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9. Schitt's Creek

The last season of this Emmy award-winning show released this year. It's easily one of the finest endings to a show that shines as a brilliant example of what woke, relatable, and hilarious comedy-dramas should be like. Honestly, when things are shitty in real life, Schitt's Creek is the perfect show to go to. 

Schitt's Creek
Source: Sunday Morning Herald

10. Feel Good

A wonderfully insightful comedy-drama, Feel Good is one of the most underrated shows on the list but one that deserves to be on everyone's watchlist. Through comedy, the show offers an unexpectedly nuanced look at themes such as complex relationships, drug addiction, etc. 

Feel Good
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11. Ramy

The show, that won its lead star the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, offers a novel perspective into the life of an American Muslim. A hilariously insightful look into Ramy's struggles with relationships, his religious identity, and adulting in general, Ramy is honest in a way that most shows attempt to be, but few achieve. 

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12. Wakaalat From Home

Our 'permanent roommates' head for a divorce in this quirky comedy-drama, shot entirely during locdowon. Starring Nidhi Singh, Sumeet Vyas, Kubbra Sait, and Gopal Dutt, this mini webseries is the perfect show to binge-watch, if you're looking for something hilarious and sweet. 

Wakaalat from home
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13. Masaba Masaba

A fictionalized account of designer Masaba Gupta's life, Masaba Masaba was a light-hearted take on romance, job struggles, and adulting in general. But the show's most relatable part remained Masaba's bitter-sweet relationship with her mother, actor Neena Gupta. 

Masaba Masaba
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