Punjabis are awesome people. This is not a stereotype. They are just really cool. Just think about it. Their food is awesome, their music is kickass and everyone loves them. And wherever they go, they kinda stand out but weirdly also fit in at the same time!

Case in point, Saminder Singh Dhindsa, who goes by Turban Magic on Instagram joined a group of people just chilling out, dancing on Miami beach and he just effortlessly walked in and danced his bloody way into everyone’s hearts. 

And if that sounds corny to you, you obviously haven’t seen the video. So here we go. 

I couldn’t have said it myself. He does pass the vibe check. I only ask if he could tell the rest of lesser mortals about how to be that confident… and more importantly, smooth. 

And he’s gooooood, which doesn’t seem as surprising when you take a look at his Instagram profile, where it looks like he does dance quite a bit. 

I don’t normally find myself at a loss of words to describe how cool things are but I couldn’t do it better than this guy.

You’re god damn right! He was the vibe. Also, I don’t know what the ‘faith in humanity’ guy is talking about but the rest of my dudes are on point. 

Man, this just makes me really happy for some reason.