What’s more special for a person than their wedding day? Their wedding photo album. Desi weddings are full of chaos and jaw-hurting sessions of fake smiles with every-family-member! You might be God’s favourite child if you get even a close to decent picture on your main day.

However, it doesn’t seem like being picture-perfect is a big deal for celebs on their weddings. First they gave us unrealistic standards of love and are now serving us unrealistic wedding goals!


While we are so intrigued to know amidst all the wedding commotion, how can two people look so effortlessly gorgeous?

The New Indian Express

Someone on Twitter shared the wedding images of popular celebs caught-on-camera laughing and we wonder what exactly happens!  

Twitter can’t keep calm and is guessing what exactly is making them laugh so hard in love!

BRB, calling the same photographer in my wedding too.